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Mrs. LeGrone's Chemistry Page

Mrs. LeGrone's first experience with chemistry was during her junior year at good old Pascagoula High School (go Panthers). It was in this class where she actually met the man she would marry. However, her love of chemistry did not flourish until her senior year in Mr. Moak's Chemistry II class. This was the first time that she had to do that thing...what is it called??? Oh, yeah...STUDY! Mr. Moak pushed her further than she ever thought she could go. He challenged her and made her think. It was his class that made her decide to major in chemistry at the University of South Alabama. There, she found another chemistry teacher that pushed her to think and strive to be her very best, Dr. James Davis. With the help of these two teachers, Mrs. LeGrone decided that chemistry was what she wanted to do with her life. Those two teachers were also the driving force for her to become a chemistry teacher herself. Now, Mrs. LeGrone strives to push her students the same way that she herself was pushed. She hopes to inspire young students to love the subject as much as she has come to love it.


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